Asia Pacific Musculo skeletal Tumour Society

Background and Purpose

    APMSTS was founded on August 25, 1993 by the participants at the 7th meeting of International   Society of Limb Salvage in Singapore, who have enthusiasm for establishing a distinguished      regional tumor society.

    Henceforth, its first meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan between July 12 and 13, 1995 managed by Yoshi Ogihara, M.D. The second meeting is open in Seoul, Korea between June 19 and 20, 1998 (President: Han Koo Lee, M.D.) and the third meeting will be arranged in Hong Kong, China in 2000 (President-elect: P.C. Leung, M.D.)

    The organization has its primary purposes of Promoting education and scientific exchanges and developing academic knowledge and friendship among the medical practitioners and scientists in musculoskeletal tumor surgery and related research Becoming one of the leading orthopedic groups in the world Arranging combined meetings with American and European tumor societies.